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Paints are now available in many different places. You can even pick them up from a supermarket while doing a weekly shop.
There are many different makes and a huge price range.
As with most things it is very much a case of you get what you pay for. Most branded paints that can be purchased from DIY stores are good. However, the best quality paints are available directly from the manufacturer or trade outlets. Paints with brand names do tend to be more expensive when purchased directly but products bought from trade outlets are usually different and of a higher quality despite displaying the same manufacturers name.
The paints that I supply are the best available to the trade and have been independently tested to have achieved the best results. Some of them are even EU Ecolabel accredited. (better for the environment)

If customers prefer to supply their own materials then it is important to use high quaility products to acheive a satisfactory finish. To supply your own paints may save you a couple of pounds per tin but you will be compromising on quality. Obviously the choice is yours but dont forget, if I supply the paint I can garuntee the materials as well as the standard of work.

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